Layout and design of the book

Bruce Dubbs bdubbs at
Sat May 22 10:56:50 PDT 2004 wrote:


Two comments:

1.  I think the header sizes are too big.  They seem to overwhelm the 
rest of the text instead of just standing out for emphasis.  They are 
already bold.  Usually sizes are in 120% increases (100%, 120%, 144%, 
173%, 207%) -- see Metafont by Knuth..  We have the main headers, h1,  
as 200%.  Thats 4 sizes larger than the main text.  It should be reduced 
to 173%.   h2 should be reduced from 170% to 144%, and h3 to 120%.  
Leaving h4 and below at 110% is ok. 

2.  The pop up links are fine for Up/Home, but I really use the text in 
Prev/Next a lot and don't want to have to point the mouse there to see 
the text.  The room is there for the text.  Lets not make it harder for 
the user.

  -- Bruce

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