udev problems

David Jensen djensen at inebraska.com
Sat May 22 12:08:26 PDT 2004

DJ Lucas wrote:
> Education = No.  You simply learn more by manually creating the devices 
> needed.  But using that argument alone, we could put the mknod commands 
> directly into the book and make it *really* educational. ;-)
now there is the thing.
MAKEDEV was totally non-educational, and make_devices was only a small 
step forward.  One could cut and paste a new node,  but still not 
understand the what is/for devices.  So I am saying udev is not less
educational.  devices are esoteric at best,  there is only so much time
to devote, so many brain cells to commit,  so many acceptable pages to 
the book.  For those of you who know all there is to know about linux 
devices, please understand, i don't have time to care, i'm getting older 
writing this.  move on to udev.
David Jensen

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