What is considered "development"?

Moody ttrepl at yahoo.de
Sat May 22 16:26:30 PDT 2004


the only fix point in LFS I see is the statute, that it should be build from
scratch, from source. That covers the educational part to see how a OS is
built from source. In my opinion, it doesn't matter whether it is a 2.4 or
a 2.6 kernel based system. The interesting thing here is the way, not the

On the other side, the project has the ability to react on new inventations
immediatly. And i see the project for a base to use it for my systems.
These systems i want to have on a technological best level. I didn't said
newest level, i said best=stable. But next best cannot be established
without development, and even sometimes shifting the paradigm. So
unstables/development releases are simply required to get the stable keep

So, for me, development is research and providing enough stuff/knowledge to
setup stable releases. If noone ever tried to build a four cycle engine, we
would still use the steam engine.

The LFS project can only survive in long terms if new stuff is adopted to
it. There are so highly skilled people out there, they are able to keep it
on the right way.

This is development for me.


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