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Jim Gifford lfs at jg555.com
Sat May 22 18:02:30 PDT 2004

A lot of arguments have been centered around what is LFS and what is the
next natural development for LFS to take. I would like to make my opinion

As stated in Gerard's preface from the printed book, I want to remind you
what it says. (Page xii)

"LFS as the project and book is about teaching people a different way of
looking at Linux systems."

"What you end up with is not just another version of a Linux system, but a
system that you know intimately. By installing every component yourself, you
exactly know why it was installed, how it was installed and what
configuration options are available with the installation.
What does this have to do with the current situation?

 It has everything to do about the current situation, people are complaining
about the natural progression of LFS. Why currently have 3 different version
in CVS. Stable, which is the current state of 2.4 series. Unstable, which is
the new 2.6 and udev stuff. Testing which is the testing version leading to
the next  release.

As a member of the LFS community for the last 2 years and the patches team
for the last year, I have to say we have come a long way. But some people
are afraid of the changes that are currently in the unstable branch. I ask
them to wake and see it's the natural progression of LFS. We see numerous
complaints about the devices, so udev will take care of that. Udev has been
accepted by some of the distro's already, why not us. Udev has been accepted
into Fedora, Gentoo, and debian.



We also know the 2.6 kernel is been accepted by the linux community. Fedora,
Knoppix, Gentoo, and Debian. Why not us?

The community has spoken, but one of parties of this controversy are not
listing, the community likes the 2.6 and udev, don't we have a say in what

I ask all the parties in this current controversy to look around, because if
this keeps up, I see LFS going belly up. Can we reach an unified decision on
the future or are we going to let all of our hard work go down the drain?

In the infamous words of Rodney King, "Why we can't we all just get along?"

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