closure regarding udev

Alexander E. Patrakov see at the.sig
Sun May 23 00:52:32 PDT 2004

Joel Miller wrote:
> I submit that ample time has passed regarding whether or not to include 
> udev and possibly hotplug in to the next LFS release. The community 
> obviously cannot reach a consensus. Furthermore, it seems as though 
> every argument pro or con to the addition has been made, and made many 
> times. I feel it is time for a decision in this matter so that it can be 
> closed and we as a community can move on to other developement. There 
> are only three options:
> 1) Continue to use
> 2) Include udev but not hotplug
> 3) Include udev and hotplug
> Without agreement from the community, it falls upon Gerard or Matthew to 
> make a decision here. Gerard being very understandably otherwise 
> occupied, it would appear that only Matthew can decide this issue. 
> Again, I think ample time (months) has been put towards resolving this 
> and it is now time to move on.
There is one more argument to consider: the combination "udev " + "no 
hotplug" + "modular kernel" is inherently broken, and that's what we 
have in b6_0. I vote for either (1) or (3) or "(2)+ removal of 

Alexander E. Patrakov
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