bison and flex in unstable branch

Jester 2.0 jester2.0 at
Mon May 24 10:57:14 PDT 2004

-Tushar Teredesai wrote: 

>I checked the unstable book and flex and bison have been upgraded to their
>unstable releases. Will those be moved over to the testing branch when it
branches? If 
>yes, is there a change in the policy regarding only using stable packages
releases in 
>the book.

Current HEAD is will not be going into testing till GCC 3.4.1 is released
which looks to be apx. June 15.  That should give plenty of time for said
packages to be stabilized and if they are not by the time to start testing,
the discussion can be had as to if they are stable enough or if they are to
be removed.


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