udev question

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Mon May 24 20:23:29 PDT 2004

Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> Bruce Dubbs wrote:
>>> I have not been one of the early adopters of udev and am trying to 
>>> get my arms around the technical details.  To do this, I took a look 
>>> at LFS 6.0.  What is not obvious to me is why udev is in Chapter 5.  
>>> What packages in Chapter 6 require udev to be compiled in Chapter 
>>> 5?  Would it be possible to just do udev once in Chapter 6 if the 
>>> order of packages was changed?
>> Udev is in chapter 5 so we can use it to propogate the dev directory 
>> in chroot in chapter 6 once we chroot. 
> Does that mean that the host system has to have udev already installed?
>  -- Bruce
Nope.  It just needs to be running at least a 2.6.2 kernel, so we can 
mount the sysfs filesystem.  We build udev into /tools, and use that 
from inside chroot to create our /dev directory in chroot.  The only 
requirement on the host is the presence of 2.6.2, because not all 
devices were in sysfs prior to that point.


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