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Tue May 25 00:33:59 PDT 2004

Jeremy Utley, May 25, 00:27 -0700:

> Uli Fahrenberg wrote:

> >Could the Chap 5 glibc be installed with linuxthreads instead of nptl?
> >This might enable us to relax the host requirements.

> In theory it could, but we do NOT know how it would affect the purity
> of the build, and it would not affect the host requirements.  We'd
> still need a kernel running on the host that could support NPTL, cause
> we'd need the binaries built in chapter 6 to work properly.

Of course some PITA testing ;-) would be required for this, and if it
doesn't mean we can relax the NPTL req's on the kernel, there's no

Here's another route for old-kernel people which might work: Build all
glibc's in the book with linuxthreads instead of NPTL, and after
rebooting in your shiny new kernel, rebuild glibc.

Not really much easier though than plainly installing+booting a new
kernel before building LFS.


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