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Tue May 25 13:00:06 PDT 2004

El Lun 24 May 2004 06:01 Archaic escrbió:
> Jeroen
> 1. The color background extends down through dep list.


> 2. Commands stick out better with the border and indentation (but with a
>    rather ungodly color).

Done, using a grey background & border until we can agree with other colour

> 3. "Important" sticks out better (but the color choice blinds me).
> 4. Larger font for "important".
> 5. The word "critical" being in bold.

The XHTML code for this block is diferent in Jeroen's version. Working in the 
XSL code to output something like that and to can have a different look for 
each admonition type.

> 6. Everything from "Contents of" and down are lite grayed.

> Manuel
> 2. Text showing on Prev/Next links.

Some issues remain to fix IE look :-/

> 4. The text for the meaning of options starts on the same line as the
>    option (ex. --remove-destination), plus the bullet helps to make it
>    stand out more.

This one has yet the old XML code that isn't semantically correct in both XML 
and XHTML output, thanks for catch the bug :-P

But searching if is possible add the bullet to the current markup. Thanks for 
the imputs :-)

All this changes could be viewed in the next render of unstable and in this 

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