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El Mar 25 May 2004 23:00, Jeroen Coumans escribió:

> So you're going to implement the necessary changes for the [important]
> and similar sections? Just a div around them and an [em] or [strong] for
> paragraph should be all the markup that's needed; 

Yes, not big changes, only a wrap to match each type. 

> the images should be in the CSS.

I like the images in Dillo also ;-)

> As far as I'm concerned, we just need to reach agreement on the command
> background color (pre.screen). I'd like a warm color which doesn't
> interfere with the warnings (which should be orange - red, darker for
> more important). We should also take into account that we can't please
> *everyone*; someone will hate the color. What matters is that the color
> fits with the rest, and is subtle enough to not get in the way.
> Manuel, what do you think about background-color: #fff9d9; border: 1px
> solid #ddd0b0; ?

I'm agnostic about colours, no matter to me what will be used. But if I have 
to try, background: #000; color: #fff (an screen is an screen after all) .

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