glibc-compile error

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Wed May 26 18:02:18 PDT 2004

> It affects both. Sorry that I told the wrong facts,
> I was sending mail from work (Windows only).
Lol, I'm afflicted similarly (why o why cant I just use a SunRay)

> gcc-3.3.3 is not affected, gcc-3.4.0 is.

I'd gathered that, --as-needed bringing in libgcc_s even though
dollars to donuts it isn't needed (maybe we should force conftests
static... )

Thanks for the file.

Just trashed a box at home and installed a fresh RH6.1 on it
(but updated gcc to 2.95.3 ), will give unstable/6_1/BE-LFS/whatever
it is now a bash on that and see what comes of it.

Will let you know how it goes...


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