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On Mon, 24 May 2004, Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Archaic wrote:
> > On Tue, May 25, 2004 at 12:14:38AM +0100, Matthew Burgess wrote:
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> As far as determining what tags/branches exist, CVSWeb is really the
> easiest way. However, tags and branches do not have "creation dates"
> unless that information is embedded into the tag/branch name itself.
> They just "are", they are applied to particular revisions of files and
> in the case of branches continued to be applied to new revisions of
> those files that are committed to that branch. To put it simply, CVS
> tags are not in any way date-based, they are based on file revisions only.
> If you want to determine when a tag was made, you should be able to look
> in the archives of the commit list for that module for the earliest
> reference to the tag.

I use something like this

   cvs -z 9 history -T -n LFS/BOOK -a

which yields things like this

    T 2004-05-03 20:50 +0000 jeremy  LFS/BOOK [b5_0:b5_x]
    T 2004-05-03 20:51 +0000 jeremy  LFS/BOOK [b5_X:D]
    T 2004-05-03 20:53 +0000 jeremy  LFS/BOOK [b5_x:D]
    T 2004-05-03 20:56 +0000 jeremy  LFS/BOOK [branch_point_5_1:A]
    T 2004-05-03 22:58 +0000 winkie  LFS/BOOK [b5_1:A]
    T 2004-05-03 22:59 +0000 winkie  LFS/BOOK [v5_1-pre2:D]
    T 2004-05-03 22:59 +0000 winkie  LFS/BOOK [v5_1-pre2:D]
    T 2004-05-16 16:55 +0000 matthew LFS/BOOK [v5_1:A]
    T 2004-05-16 17:17 +0000 jeremy  LFS/BOOK [v5_1:A]

Haven't figured exactly how bet to interpret it yet, but it does remove
the need to examine logs.

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