Trouble with x86_64 and LFS

Joel Miller cheeziologist at
Fri Oct 1 16:21:41 PDT 2004

ben dayan wrote:
> Hello all,
> I'm having problems setting the Linux from scratch system on my Athlon64 system.
> The host system is Fedora Core2 with a manually compiled kernel
> (I need this kernel version for support for my via-velocity
> onboard NIC).  I am following the test version of LFS-6.0 to the
> letter, except for modifying the specs file manually since the dynamic
> loader should be 64bit, and everything seems to be working pretty well
> until I try to run the 2nd pass of GCC.  I get an error saying that it
> cannot compile and if I am trying to cross-compile I should specify
> it.
> This seems pretty weird to me since my host system is also 64bit.
> Has anyone successfully built LFS on an x86_64 machine?  If so can you
> please note the modifications that need to be made to the specs file
> (and if any symlinks should be made -- i.e. /lib and /lib64 issues? ).
>  Also can you please post any way to create multilib support
> (compilation of both 64bit and 32bit apps.)
> I tried looking here:
> but this seems to be based for 32bit host systems, and mine is 64bit...
> any and all advice is quite welcome,
> Thanks,
> Ben.

The only person on these lists that has been building for x86_64 and has 
a rock solid build (that I am aware of anyway) is Ryan Oliver. He builds 
via a cross compiled toolchain in chapter 5 (which incidentally looks 
like this is going to be the next method of building for LFS too), I 
believe. In his home directory are his cross-lfs scripts. It hink it's but I'm not completely sure. If you 
search the lists you'll see Ryan's posts about it in -hackers.

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