Trouble with x86_64 and LFS

Chris Lingard chris at
Sat Oct 2 12:55:40 PDT 2004

Andy Neebel wrote:

>> Good answer; got my AMD-64 a week ago and have been using them.
>> But a question from me.  You have to start with a 64 bit system;
>> there is no easy way to start with a "normal" 32 bit system?
>> Chris
> There are some notes online somewhere from a guy that started with a
> 32 bit host, but I don't remember where.  If you search the mailing
> list archives you should be able to find them, the link got posted a
> few times on one of the lfs- lists.
> Andy

Thanks, searched but did not find anything; except that a 32 bit kernel
cannot run a 64 bit program.

What I did was to follow Ryans's method and make a 64 bit binutils
and cross compiler.  Then I cross compiled the kernel and booted this.

Once I was running on a 64 bit kernel, then I had few problems. Built
chapter 5 as 64 bit mode. Now into chapter 6.


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