Trouble with x86_64 and LFS

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Mon Oct 4 20:29:20 PDT 2004

> But a question from me.  You have to start with a 64 bit system;
> there is no easy way to start with a "normal" 32 bit system?

I generally do all my chapter 5 x86_64 builds on my i686 laptop.

You build an initial (in my case bi-arch) cross-toolchain and use it to
build your ch5 packages (including the target-native bi-arch toolchain)
Chapter 5 is a full cross-compile in this circumstance.

Note if you are running on a 64bit system with a kernel with 32bit
compatibility on a 32bit base OS (think std LFS 32 with amd64 kernel)
yoy don't have to do a full cross chapter5, you will be able to use the
64bit binaries you create as you go.

Will be putting some new scripts up today at some point


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