cross-lfs-3.0.3 now available

Ryan.Oliver at Ryan.Oliver at
Tue Oct 5 01:51:11 PDT 2004

Cross post from -hackers...

Greetings all,

Latest cross-lfs tarball has been uploaded to my home directory
New version is cross-lfs-3.0.3

Also under that directory you can find
(used during the kernel build, forget where it was stolen from ;-) )

Numerous minor fixes and cleanups.

Cross toolchain build now doesn't copy any headers or libraries from
/tools into the cross-compiler's tree.
(this has always been unnecessary as we alter the toolchain to look
where we want it to look for headers and libraries, those instructions
were there soley as a failsafe during development)

Glibc build has been adjusted to run checks AFTER install.
This is due to librt being rebuilt incorrectly (on occasions) during
make check (tends to miss linking in -lc -lpthread, others second time
This behaviour is not consistent, it depends on the cvs pull you do.

Regenerating the autotools stuff for glibc tends to
get around this, but has not been implemented in the scripts.
Other option is to just touch all configures (not implemented either)

iproute2 still isn't being built, but a script is provided for doing
the cross-build of it ch5. Still a bit buggy, needs work for x86_64 .

Probably more ( do a diff ;-) ).

Anyhoo, if you give em a try, let me know how you go.

Best Regards

BTW, apologies for my absence over the last coupla weeks, been a lot of
stuff happening on this end, not all pleasant.
he good news is at long last the house renovations are 99% done (YAY).
Phone line is getting fixed tomorrow so I'll be back in the saddle
again ;-)

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