i18n on the Boot CD

Thomas Reitelbach tr at erdfunkstelle.de
Fri Oct 8 03:47:28 PDT 2004

On Fr, 8.10.2004, 05:44, Anderson Lizardo sagte:
> On Monday 04 October 2004 11:11, Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
>> Therefore, Alexander is going to be making a translated version of the
>> README in Russian, README.ru.  I'd like to ask that any other
>> translators that are available for various languages help by downloading
>> the README file, translating it, and returning it to me with the
>> appropriate two letter abbreviation of the language as a suffix.
> Attached the Brazilian Portuguese translation (a bit late :-).

If it's not already too late i'd like to translate the README to german
Unfortunately i cannot download the original README, can someone please
provide me with the english README? I have no problem receiving it
multiple times in my inbox ;-)

thanks in advance...

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