Multiple network profiles

Andy Neebel aneebel at
Fri Oct 8 08:51:06 PDT 2004

I have no idea what list this should go to, but it affect
lfs-bootscripts, so I'm posting here.

I have a laptop that I use at school, and I'm trying to figure out how
to support multiple network locations on it.  The school's network is
based on DHCP, but I'm trying to use static ip's between my laptop and
my tower.  I've looked at the ifup script and it appears that there is
no way to specify which service is started.  Instead, the script just
starts whichever script it wants to.  I'm wondering if anyone knows
how to change the script to accept a third parameter that specifies
the location, or do I need to figure this out myself, and if I do, is
there an interest in adding this to the scripts?

Andy Neebel

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