installing lfs 6.0 from knoppix? manuel at
Wed Oct 13 14:25:41 PDT 2004

El Mié 13 Oct 2004 23:21 tompa escrbió:

> is it possible to install lfs 6.0 from the latest knoppix cd (3.6)?
> i'm not so sure it works since i read somewhere that the
> host kernel must be of version 2.6.something built with
> gcc 3.something, while the kernel on the knoppix 3.6 cd
> is of version 2.4.27 built with gcc 2.95.3.

Knoppix has also a 2.6.X kernel. You should boot typing "linux26" at the boot 
prompt to load it. But is compiled with gcc 2.95.3 :-/

Try this other CD instead, we need testers ;-)

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