ppc cd available

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Sun Oct 17 18:33:25 PDT 2004

On Sun, 2004-10-17 at 13:58 +0200, Sébastien Maerten wrote: 
> OK, you asked for reports, here is a very preliminary one: wonderfull!
> I will only be able to test on a G4 ibook, sorry, but I had to give my 
> G3 ibook back to Apple :(
> Anyways, your CD booted fine, all seemed to work. I didn't go further, 
> did not even check what's there. At power down, I had two warnings and 
> one error. I will write them down the next time I try it (which will be 
> very soon). What kind of information do you want ? I'll provide it 
> kindly. Do you want to manage a database of machines / configs ?

I know about the error warnings, but I really didn't spend any time on
this iso.  Just wanted to make sure it's bootable and the binaries are
usable on other systems.  It would definitely be a good idea to keep
track of machines and configs somehow.  I really need to get started on
some documentation.  Hopefully this week.

> As for booting on different machines, I've read a few things related to 
> the new debian installer on debian-powerpc. Maybe you can get 
> information from there aswell as from opendarwin's team I guess. Did you 
> know there's a yaboot list on penguinppc.org ? Though it's very low 
> traffic, there seems to be boot gurus there.

Thanks for the tips.

> I need a usable os quickly, so I'll use your CD right now. Is your 
> building process an horrible hack or do you have scripts, aLFS profile ? 

For now, all my cd builds are being done manually.  Will perhaps look
into scripting them as time goes on.

> Could I ask you to include a dhcp client on the CD ?

When I start building in earnest, I'd like to include all the stuff the
x86 cd has.

Jeremy Huntwork

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