bootscripts suggestion regarding networking

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Oct 19 06:45:35 PDT 2004

Hi guys,

A suggestion that might be nice to add to the lfs-bootscripts package.

It might be a nice feature to have the "network" script output the IP
address that it configured for each interface it brings up. I'm sure
most people will know what the IP addresses are, but there are cases
where this would be helpful to see right at bootup.

One such instance is when dealing with bootable CDs that can be used in
foreign networks and will most always use DHCP to obtain an IP address.
I employ my LFS Boot CDs at work (an ISP) when installing new machines
or recovering crashed ones so I have no clue what its IP address will be
when it launches via DHCP. A message from the "network" script would be
helpful so I don't have to login to the machine first to get its IP
address before I can go to the comfort of my normal workstation and do
whatever it is I need to do there.

Anyways, that would just be one way to use. Other ways would be in case
of Internet connections. Not everybody had a static IP address so
knowing what the cable modem's or DSL modem's current IP address is when
starting the computer could also be handy.

Anyways, do let me know if this suggestion is found to be good enough to
include so I can stop providing my own "network" script on my boot cds.
It would be nice to use a stock lfs-bootscripts setup (which I do, save
the network bit).

Gerard Beekmans

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