glibc-2.3.4-20040701: configure: error: working compiler support for visibility attribute is required

Martin martin.weissenborn at
Tue Oct 19 14:03:07 PDT 2004

Well, I've got it myself up and running towards chapter 6.

Took it down to miscompiled test-function in glibc's configure suite and
found a similar slighty older bug report. That's probably an issue, too,
for more ancient or version-mixed toolchains.

Problem was gcc-pass1 in chapter 5. It misconfigured by looking up the
oldest ld it could find, the prefix /usr one. Maybe binutils suffered
the same misconfiguration. Maybe it is a note worth saying to instruct
binutils as well as gcc to use the right host toolchain, like it is done
in the actual `unstable' build.

For me it was necessary to CC="/usr/local/bin/gcc -B/usr/local/bin"
./configure binutils, and then tailor gcc-pass1's ./configure to
CC="/usr/local/bin/gcc -B/tools/bin" in contrast to the approach taken
in `unstable' to revert to the native host toolchain. gcc needs a
capable ld to get configured for support of ld's visibility/hidden

To be safe I also updated host's coreutils with _POSIX2_VERSION=199209
to 5.2.1 as suggested in bugzilla-report.


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