Broken link report

Matthew Burgess matthew at
Wed Oct 20 23:46:32 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> On Thu, 2004-10-21 at 00:15 +0200, Daniel Tams wrote:
>>Report of broken link
>>Broken link:
>>Should be:
> Daniel,
> That's a link in the book itself, which gets automatically rendered for
> the website. So, it's not really a website issue, but a lfs book issue,
> and one of the lfs editors needs to change it.  However, that may not
> happen anyway, because 5.1.1 is on it's way out and 6.0(testing) is very
> near to being released as stable.

Wow - how did that one slip past?  Oh that's right, I was RM for that 
release, right! :(  Actually, I don't think the problem is in the book 
at all, it's actually a problem with the file itself.  Note that not all 
the patches listed in the book have a version number field on them.  I 
think a simple rename of the patch will fix this one, though I'll wait 
for further comments before actually doing it.



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