Calculate PREFIX from subnet mask in bootscripts

Steve Crosby fost at
Sun Oct 24 04:07:50 PDT 2004

"Kevin P. Fleming" <kpfleming at> wrote in 
news:417B411E.4000608 at

> Steve Crosby wrote:
>> I've a question about using prefix tho - how do you handle supernets?
>> e.g. netmask of
> The simple answer is: you don't. There is no simple way to aggregate 
> routes to "supernet" masks, so they aren't really supported much 
> anymore. Also, the elimination of class-based routing (no more "class 

thanks ;) CIDR does make supernetting more or less redundant, and it's been 
long enough since I dealt with routing that I can't think of a use for it 
today. I was only curious if I was missing some magic widget logic in the 
prefix calculation that might have handled it ;)

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