Final 6.0 LFS Live CD? [Was: Re: Is 6.0-testing-20041010 version 6.0?]

TAustin stineconsulting-switch- at
Tue Oct 26 07:42:42 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> Well, the latest one appears to me to be stable.  But perhaps we can use
> this week as a week of testing/bug-finding.  I'd like to ask that anyone
> interested in helping grab the most recent iso, the one dated 20041011,
> available here:
> (Germany)
> or here:
> (Texas, USA)
> Report any breakage/errors/bugs, please, but for this version, no other
> software is likely to go in.  I especially need help in testing the
> pppoe setup, as I am unable to do that here.
> Thanks in advance,

I just had a sucessful build of a 6.0 LFS using the 20041011 iso.

I did not run into any issues.

Take this in light that I am a beginner that just build his first LFS 
and does not understand everythig yet, what to look for, what to expect.

Thanks for all your hard work on making something as complete as the iso.

LAter... Tom

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