Final 6.0 LFS Live CD? [Was: Re: Is 6.0-testing-20041010 version 6.0?]

Tobias Gasser tg at
Wed Oct 27 02:43:11 PDT 2004

Thomas Reitelbach schrieb:
> On Tuesday 26 October 2004 19:24, Uli Fahrenberg wrote:
>>Thomas Reitelbach, Oct 26, 08:55 -0000:
>>>Sorry for beeing late, but as i got little spare time this morning i
>>>read and corrected the german README file for the CD.
>>One error:
>>>Folgende Pakete stehen auf der CD zur verfügung:
>>Verf"ugung that should be, with a Capital V. Otherwise it seems fine.
> Oops, you're perfectly correct!
> So this is now the really correct version, find attached ;-)

i wrote my version at 1.00 in the morning. looks like my brain was
already partially sleeping...

i myself prefer the english word 'Tools'. a 'werkzeug' i take in my 
hands, a 'tool' i use with my keyboard. (i guess de_CH uses more english 
words than de_DE)

thanks for your corrections.


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