Renato Riolino renato.riolino at pop.com.br
Sun Oct 31 16:11:03 PST 2004


I have tryed lfs boot CD here, and I don't know why but my keyboard didn't work
with graphical welcome screen (the first screen with "Linux From Scratch" image).

The text area start with a lot of random characters, if I delete all and press some
key (ex: l), all the text area is filled with lot's of 'l's, like if I have hold
the key pressed.

I thought it may be something with my USB keyboard, so I disconect it and connect a
PS/2 one... but no success.

If I just clean the junk and press ENTER, the system boots up normally and keyboard
works fine.

My system is a Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra mobo, with Athlon XP 2800+ and 1gb of RAM.

Thanks all,


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