Some points to criticize about LFS

Bodey Baker bakerb04 at
Wed Sep 1 04:21:15 PDT 2004

I dont know much about the bootscripts and how the packages all fit
together. I know alot more then when I first picked up the book, but I
still didnt learn that much. I learnt alot about how to build a linux
system and isolate it from the host, but not much about how the pakages
fit together. I think thats one thing that could be improved at some time,
since there are a number of packages which work together make your linux
system. What they do and how they fit together isn't talked about much in the
book. I suppose this is what was meant with the short descriptions of the
pakages, but I think an overview somewhere might not hurt. If this was
done it is probably  the place for a diagram. Also the book really does
become brief when it mentions the bootscripts. I really dont know much
about bootscripts but I assume they are quite crucial to your system,
especially when you install certain new packages. ie. kde, x server. I
havent started blfs yet so I dont know if they are discussed further
there. Even so I think a better description or a reference to a better
source could not hurt.

Like I said earlier, I dont know much about these things, and I remember
someone stating that lfs shouldnt just copy what other people have said.
In that case if these things have been discussed else where can someone
point me that way, or is it something you just get a feel for eventually.


On Fri, 27 Aug 2004, Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> Gueven Bay wrote:
> >Yes, I can provide the "better" (speak from the man pages copied) descriptions.
> >But first I want to hear that the writers up to Gerard want these descriptions.
> >Until then I won't write one line. I think I couldn't make my point clear until
> >now. I have to make it clear where I see the missing points of LFS.
> >
> If you really want to make your point clear, choose a section that you
> think needs improvement and write what you think is better.  Gerard is
> very receptive to suggestions, but general complaints are just
> that--general.  Create the improvements and they will be incorporated if
> they are appropriate.  That's the way all open source projects work.
>   -- Bruce
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