LFS 6.0 Book CD

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Wed Sep 1 19:57:23 PDT 2004


I wanted to start a discussion on some open points with the CD that we 
want to put in the printed book.

The wiki page at:
Looks a little jumbled.

Here is the list of elements:
* lynx
* wget
* reiserfsprogs
* xfsprogs
* nALFS & dependencies
	* OpenSSL
	* libxml2
	* cURL
	* nALFS profile
* X
* Fluxbox
* Firefox
* svn client
* dhclient
* LFS 6.0 book
* Source packages for all LFS and BLFS packages
* scp & ssh
* samba support for Windows Server shares

I am not sure which of the above have been approved by the build team 
and are in.

There were some other notes brought up by me and others:

1. There is some discussion on the wiki about wanting two cd's in the 
book, one bootable with LFS specific stuff on it and the second 
non-bootable with BLFS book and souces on it.  I am of the mind to 
combine them into one.  Add all the BLFS stable stuff and nALFS profile 
to the LFS boot cd.  That way, once you finish the LFS book, you can 
easily move to BLFS and have the packages handy.  Comments?

2. There is some discussion on the wiki about what hardware is turned on 
either directly in the kernel or as a module.  I personally don't care, 
but would like to have the list documented somewhere on the cd that we 
put in the book to look at (a README comes to mind).  Are we going to 
get hotplug to work right on the cd?


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