Bash Startup files & /etc/inputrc

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at
Thu Sep 2 12:36:58 PDT 2004

Hey Guys,

We currently have information on the above files in two places, one at
the end of the lfs book and one at the beginning of the blfs book.
Isn't that a bit confusing?  Esp. since blfs is supposedly picking up
where lfs left off, and assumes that you are working w/ an lfs system
configured according to the lfs book?

I can understand why it might have been thought a good idea to include
an explanation of these at the end of the lfs book, but there isn't even
a pointer to blfs mentioned, where more examples and explanation are
given - imho it's just confusing.  As of right now in lfs-testing you
set up /etc/inputrc and in blfs you set it up all over again!  I think
it should be only in one book, I personally don't care which. :)

Sorry if this has already been discusses and I'm late... :(

Jeremy Huntwork

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