Some points to criticize about LFS

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Sat Sep 4 03:04:01 PDT 2004

On Wed, 1 Sep 2004, Steve Crosby wrote:

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> > have said. In that case if these things have been discussed else where
> > can someone point me that way, or is it something you just get a feel
> > for eventually.
> >
> try the URL below. Other excellent documents at the main site, The Linux
> Documentation Project (TLDP) at
:) forgot about that. The 'Audience' section of the book makes it sound
like you should read one or the other and there is little point in reading

I think the email 'Some proposals for descriptions of packages' by Gueven
Bay in lfs-dev-request does a good job of describing how they fit and work

btw. Theres a package freeze for 6.0, does that mean that the install
instructions are stable and wont change much? I havent been able to find
any indication of the LFS-6.0 release date, the website still says
unknown, how long will it probably be?

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