Suggestion for book re Vim

Bryan Kadzban bryan at
Sun Sep 5 09:03:30 PDT 2004

Carl Sopchak wrote:
> I'm going through the LFS 5.1.1 book, and ran into a problem when
> trying to install Vim.  This was due to the fact that I did not
> download the runtime tarball.  (Which I didn't do because I thought
> one of the objects of LFS was to "compile everything from source"...)

That is one of the objectives.  The vim runtime is not in conflict with
that, though, because the vim runtime *is* effectively source code
(actually it's a set of vim scripts for syntax highlighting, filetype
recognition, documentation, etc., which don't need to be compiled).

However, in vim 6.3 at least, the runtime is *part* of the vim source
distribution, so I'm wondering how you got it without?

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