Chapter 6 LFS6 Testing - typo?

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Mon Sep 6 20:55:28 PDT 2004

On Mon, September 6, 2004 8:33 pm, !zealot said:
> Uh...not sure whether if it IS a typo but under "Mounting Virtual
> Kernel File Systems" shouln't the sentance:
>   "Various file systems exported by the kernel...."
> be:
>   "Various file systems expected by the kernel...."
> If my understanding is correct the kernel does not export any file
> systems at all. So I guessed that the word "expected" is the
> correct one for this sentance. Ignore this post if I am wrong
> (English is not my native tongue!)

Actually, /proc, /sys, and /dev/pts are virtual filesystems provided by
the kernel for use by userspace apps, so I'd say that this terminology is


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