Chapter 6: perl installs manpages in /tools

Laurens Blankers lblankers at
Tue Sep 7 11:54:40 PDT 2004

David Jensen wrote:
> it appears testing has the same chroot and perl commands?

After running Configure and manually adjusting the paths I can't 
reproduce the problem anymore.

It is possible that I forget to remove the source directory used in 
chapter 5 and it was some kind of caching problem, but I can't reproduce 
that situation either:

If I start with an clean perl source, configure it with prefix /usr, 
make and install it and then run configure with prefix /dummy the /dummy 
is totally ignored. If this was the original problem, I would expect the 
configure script to install the perl binary in /dummy and the man pages 
in /usr.

If I find a way to reproduce this I will let you know.


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