Glibc configure options in unstable

Jeremy Utley jeremy at
Tue Sep 7 21:47:37 PDT 2004

Steffen R. Knollmann wrote:

>  I am currently half-way through unstable (SVN-20040904) and ran into
>some problems with Glibc-2.3.4-20040828. In chapter 5 the description of
>the configure options doesn't match the displayed configure command; the
>part in question concerns the --enable-add-ons thing. I used (according
>to the descriptions) '--enable-add-ons=nptl --with-tls --with-__thread'
>instead of just '--enable-add-ons'. I didn't try it with the given
>  The problem appeared in chapter 6: Configuring glibc as given there
>(again, only '--enable-add-ons') produced no compilations errors, make
>check went fine, but the make install complained about ld not being able
>to find -lcidn. By adding the above mentioned options to configure, make
>install went fine.
>  I am not sure if the problem is with libidn (which libcidn is part of)
>in this specific glibc-version, or because I used different switches in
>chapter 5 and 6. Anyways, my point is that the configure line and it's
>description in chapter 5 should probably be aligned to represent each
>other :-)
>  Cheers,
>    Steffen
This has been mentioned before, but in the unstable branch of the book, 
the text is not being actively kept in line with the commands.  Unstable 
is meant to be a playground, and as such, may be broken at any time as 
we experiment.  We try to keep breakage down to a minimum, but it does 
occur.  For example, last week unstable was broken for approximately a 
week because the change was made to syslog-ng from sysklogd, but the 
bootscripts had not been updated as of yet.


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