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El Sáb 04 Sep 2004 02:52, Gerard Beekmans escribió:

> That I understand. I was just wondering if I can commit it to SVN and
> leave it there. I got the impression it might break the HTML renderring
> or cause other problems. I mean to take them all out when the book is
> final.

The HTML output isn't afected by the {beginpage/} tag. I complaint only about 
semantical correctness. We are using that tag in a way that aren't the 
intendend by the DocBook's develomper. You can add it now if you need it but, 
please, remove it after render the final PDF book and before create the final 
XML tarball. I don't want that tags in a official sources realease. 

> > {para}Some text ... {phrase condition="html"}cut & paste{/phrase}{phrase
> > condition="print"}careful type as printed{/phrase}...more text.{/para}
> That sounds like a good plan. Go ahead and implement something like it.

A "proff off concepts"? Will be ready in some hours.

The other mentioned issues are solved, I think. I see that this reply was 
redacted the day 4, but not posted until now. 

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