Bugzilla status

Jeremy Utley jeremy at jutley.org
Fri Sep 10 06:25:32 PDT 2004

With LFS 6 coming closer and closer to an RC release, thought a recap of
our currently outstanding bugzilla bugs would be in order.

Bug 684 - Reevaluate package order then document the rationale - This is
a very indepth issue, and will take some time to handle properly.  It's
been pending for quite some time, and I see no harm in leaving it there.

Bug 791 - Better document the end result - This one was pretty much
resolved in LFS 5.1 series, but the text was never migrated to HEAD. 
I'm hopeful that the text I wrote for LFS 5.1 can be adapted and
included in LFS 6.

Bug 832 - Glibc tarballs requiring a newer sed - I'm not 100% sure this
is even an issue anymore, but it does need to be checked.

Bug 851 - Rework and extend kernel documentation - This is currently
marked as a blocker for release, but I'm not sure it's that essential. 
Very few people so far have had difficulty in fulfilling the minimum
host requirements, thanks to most distro's now using 2.6 kernels, and
compiling them with a new enough compiler to not trigger failures in the
NPTL testsuites.

Bug 853 - Documentation on Udev configuration - For a while, there
wasn't a whole lot of documentation available on Udev, since it is
rather new.  However, yesterday while doing some looking around, I came
across a Gentoo page that goes into Udev configuration in depth.  This
should come as no surprise since the guy who wrote Udev is also a Gentoo
developer, IIRC.  This page is located at:


Bug 855 - Use of RelaxNG for docbook validation - this is on indefinate
hold for version 5.0 of the Docbook DTD, which isn't expected anytime

Bug 884 - Libtool issues - this is a strange one - somehow, libtool is
getting odd paths coded into the libtool (like paths from the /sources
directory).  I believe this one needs to be resolved upstream, perhaps
Jim or Ryan can comment on it.

Bug 893 - Texinfo Segfault - This is currently classified as P5, but I
would consider it a blocker - we already have a patch for it in
unstable, coming from upstream.  We only need to add this patch into

And that's it currently.  I'd say we're in a pretty good position!


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