Glibc configure options in unstable

Kev Buckley k.buckley at
Fri Sep 10 06:32:53 PDT 2004

> This has been mentioned before, but in the unstable branch of the book, 
> the text is not being actively kept in line with the commands.  Unstable 
> is meant to be a playground, and as such, may be broken at any time as 
> we experiment.  We try to keep breakage down to a minimum, but it does 
> occur.  

I think the answer that is being looked for here is to the question:
do you always break it in the same way though ?

To put that another way, should one trust the commands, or the text,
where the differ, when playing with a given unstable version ?

I would guess the commands but it would be just a guess.

Presumably, as with much of software development, you type some
commands and, if they are found to work, you add those to the unstable
book and you "document" later, no ? 

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