Tobias Gasser tg at
Fri Sep 10 11:15:53 PDT 2004

Ryan Oliver schrieb:

> Tobias Gasser wrote:
>> same problem as with flex (previous message)
>> without optimazion i get segfaults in the tests
>> but with -O no problem.
>> later on i got segfault on bison building linuxpam (i check the test 
>> logsfiles when the build is done...)
>> really strange.
>> i don't like behaviours i can't understand. and this is one of them.
>> tobias

i'm using a script with export CFLAGS="xx" before configure.
but i tried it between configure and make with the same results

> Are you specifying CFLAGS during configure or make?
> If doing it during make you will probably want to check the Makefiles to 
> ensure you are not overriding something important.

are identical expecpt the CFLAGS setting (that's what diff tells me)

> Best to set CFLAGS during configure...

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