Change kernel source to prevent hotplug?

Jörg W Mittag Joerg.Mittag at Web.De
Sat Sep 11 07:06:57 PDT 2004

Laurens Blankers wrote:
> Jeremy Utley wrote:
>> The reason for this is that the kernel can 
>> sometimes generate hotplug events before userspace is ready for them 
>> (i.e. before the ramfs is mounted to /dev), and this can interfere when 
>> we actually try to start udev.
> Can you give an example of such an interferance?

Simple Example 1: udev creates a device node in /dev *on the harddisk*. The
/dev/ramfs gets mounted. The just created device node becomes invisible
because the /dev directory on disk is overlapped by the mounted /dev

Even Simpler Example 2: udev tries to create a device node in /dev *on the
harddisk* but the / filesystem is read-only.

nmap-3.48% ./configure
checking if struct in_addr is a wacky huge structure (some Sun boxes)... no

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