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Mon Sep 13 16:07:19 PDT 2004

El Lun 13 Sep 2004 23:58 Gerard Beekmans escrbió:

> What is the body.font.master used by again? Does this change the regular
> text of the book too (the actual content in paragraphs)? If so,that
> shouldn't happen. The text is at the right size now and it shouldn't be
> made smaller or larger at all.

Currently body.font.master is used only to calculate the sectX titles size. 
Teorically it should be used to calculate all titles sizes, but the other ones 
are hardcoded for now.

> If I remember correctly the actual text size is also hard-coded and set
> to 12pt by way of body.font.size, correct?


> If the master is lowered to 9, what are the exact repercussions?

All sectX titles will be lowered proportionally. 2.07 pt for sect1, 1.73pt for 
sect2 and 1.44pt for sect3. Plus, the vertical space between the titles and 
paragraphs is calculated in em units, them it's also reduced in part. In a page 
with one sect1 title plus two sect2 titles this means that one line of the next 
page go to the current page.
>> But if you want that change, many of the current {beginpage/} tags must be
>> removed and readded to the new proper places.
> I would like if we didn't have to do that. It takes a long time to do
> that. Every time a few tags are added the PDF has to be recreated which
> takes a minute or two, check the layout, add more or change existing
> ones. If we can just fix the section font sizes it shouldn't affect the
> page breaks (not much anyway).

That is for that I said some days ago that the addition of the {beginpage/} tags 
shuold be the last thing to do. A font size change, a command change, a patch 
addition, an URL split, etc, could affect where a {beginpage/} must be added.

I will commint now the change to "9pt". The titles look very well with that base 
size. Don't worry by the new bad page breaks, I can fix it tomorrow (today is 
very late) and every time that would be needed. I review the full PDF each time 
that a change is made (by me or others) to see if it's good for the layout or 

There are other issues that need work,  like the CD page, the missing paragraph 
pointed by Jeremy, a missing description for libexpect, the long spaces in some 
paragraphs (pages 108, 122, 168 & 259), the final URLs for BLFS links, the 
patch for zlib, the sed for util-linux, and others things that I can't do.

But please, be confidence with me with the things that I can solve.

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