New outstanding issues

Anderson Lizardo lizardo at
Mon Sep 13 16:29:12 PDT 2004

Em Seg 13 Set 2004 19:13, Gerard Beekmans escreveu:
> These are the things that I am aware of that need to be addressed for
> LFS-6. Please let me know if anything needs to be added.
> - LFS boot cd explanation page
> - That paragraph pointed out by Jeremy at the end of the book at the
> "now what" section
> - change util-linux sed into a patch
> - add zlib patch to fix the reported vulnerability
> - add texinfo patch to fix the "info" program segfault
> Anything else?

Chapther 6, "Mounting Virtual Kernel File Systems", there is the following 
paragraph at the end:

"The mount commands executed above may result in the following warning 
message: can't open /etc/fstab: No such file or directory. This file
—/etc/fstab—has not been created yet but is also not required for the file 
systems to be properly mounted. As such, the warning can be safely ignored."

Actually, that warning will never happen at this stage (we are still outside 
of chroot). I think it should be removed or moved to the "Mounting ramfs and 
Populating /dev" section, where then it may happen.

Anderson Lizardo

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