Small issue of which user you are at start of Chap 6.

Kev Buckley k.buckley at
Tue Sep 14 02:53:31 PDT 2004

Working through (plaing with ?) the SVN version of the book, I've just
noticed that there doesn't appear to be anything at the end of Chapter
5 telling the user to exit the "su - lfs" environment that they were
told to enter at the start "Chapter 4. Final Preparations".

However in "Chapter 6. Installing basic system software" it says:

  Still as root run the following command to enter the small world that
   is, at the moment, populated with only the temporary tools:

This seems to be the case in the stable 5.1.1 book as well.

So, is there an implicit "go back to being root at the end of each
chapter" directive, or even an explicxit one that I have missed,
and/or would it be worth spelling that out for folk working through
the book, if not ?


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