Please append a coorect "root=" boot option

Andi Hotz andi.hotz at
Tue Sep 14 05:18:56 PDT 2004

"Jeremy Utley" <jeremy at> wrote:

> Trimmed out the previous message, since none of it is really needed. 
> The *CORRECT* root= parameter is system independent, so it can't be 
> specified in the book.  You, as the LFS builder, needs to konw where 
> your root filesystem is, and be able to adjust the books instructions 
> appropriately.  This is what is meant by having a basic knowledge of 
> linux before building LFS.

Well that is it exactly: /dev/hda3 is the *CORRECT* device.
A mistake I made thoug was that I installed Grub in the boot secter of 
my LFS partition while the Grub that handled the startup is installed 
into the MBR. But this does nothing to the original problem.

Cheers Andy 

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