Ch 5: Why both kernel headers?

Kevin White kwhite at
Tue Sep 14 21:13:43 PDT 2004

Kevin P. Fleming wrote:

> Kevin White wrote:
>> I'm confused as to why Chapter 5 uses both kernel headers (the real 
>> ones, and the sanitized ones), and Chapter 6 only uses the cleaned 
>> ones.  Can something be added to the book to explain why?
> Chapter 6 uses the raw headers that are still present in /tools/include 
> after being put there during chapter 5. Nothing in chapter 5 modifies 
> those headers.
> Chapter 6 does not copy /tools/usr/include (chapter 5 sanitized 
> headers), because by the time the right spot in chapter 6 is reached, 
> that directory already contains lots of other (unneeded or unwanted) 
> headers. This is why the sanitized headers must be installed again in 
> chapter 6, but not the raw headers.

Ahhh, OK, and glibc needs the raw headers, rather than the sanitized ones?

Thanks for clearing that up.


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