LFS 6.0 BootCD - A call for testers

!zealot nobody at nowhere.com
Wed Sep 15 23:21:27 PDT 2004

Alexander E. Patrakov wrote:

> !zealot wrote:
>> - some way of changing the font size on the console
> setfont default8x9
> Does this work?

No, this only result in an error message:

  putfont: PIO_FONT: Invalid argument

I am a bit puzzled here as to why this command will not work. As per
'man setfont' I also tried setfont -<N> where N is 8:14|16 and it
gives me 'Cannot find default font' error message. I must be doing
something wrong - what I don't know!

BTW, all my comments and feedback only applies to using the bootcd
in X and Fluxbox - I have not tried installing LFS6 using the text
console and lynx.
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