LFS 6.0 BootCD - A call for testers

Jeremy Huntwork jeremy at jenacon.net
Thu Sep 16 05:06:39 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-09-16 at 12:07 +0800, !zealot wrote: 
> Jeremy Huntwork wrote:
> > realize that you have the responsibility to reply to this thread
> > with some sort of feedback. :)
> > 
> YAHOOO! - I managed to sucessfully install LFS6 using the bootcd.
> Apart from the psmouse and grub issues reported in previous posts,
> I would like to report 2 more as follows:

> 1) I could not make the grub boot floppy as per instructions in
> Chapter 8 (the 'dd' commands). The commands will execute without
> any error but /dev/fd0 cannot be accessed since this device DO NOT
> exits on the host! (a quick look in /dev will confirm this)

I had noticed that too on one of my machines.  Interestingly though, it
*should* be set up automatically.  The kernel supports floppy drives,
udev creates nodes in /dev at startup, and hotplug loads any modules
detected by the kernel.  Could use some help tracking this one down. :)

> 2) Every time I shutdown the host system (after properly umounting
> all file systems) I see and error message:
>    /etc/rc.d/rc0.d/S70mountfs {start}
>    You should not be reading this error.....blah, blah
> NOTE: This is applicable to the bootcd only - the newly created LFS
> system does not show this when shutting down. BTW, this is not a
> fatal error AFAIK but can be alarming to some people.

My apologies, leftover symlinks to scripts I had disabled... Will go
through the bootscripts and make sure all are behaving.

> In addition, here is my 'wish list' for the bootcd:
> - make the floppy accessible on the host (would be useful
>   for copying config file to the new LFS system)
> - make the wheel on a wheel mouse work (great for scrolling
>   thru the manual)
> - some way of changing the font size on the console

Noted, will keep them in mind.

> In summary, a great 'product' - kudos to the team! If this was a
> movie review I would award it 'two thumbs up' :)

Glad you like it. :)

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