LFS 6 Boot CD - 2nd round- copying tarballs

Tobias Gasser tg at ebp-gasser.ch
Thu Sep 16 11:19:18 PDT 2004

>>just one question:
>>why is it necessary to copy all the tarballs and patches from the cd to 
>>/tools/packages-SVN-6.0. isn't it just a waste of time and diskspace?
> So that you can use the packages in chroot...
> Packages need to be on your LFS partition, which isn't mounted at all
> beforehand. :)  You'd have to do something similar if you do it
> manually. Esp. with the bootcd -- can't unpack them where they're at.
> You could just untar them to the LFS partition, but then you're not
> guaranteed fresh source trees before you build each package, which is
> necessary at times because of various patches that are needed in one
> part of the book, but not the other.

ok, i can see the problem now!

you'd have to remount the cd somewhere in the chroot-environment.

but looking at the overall time the copy is peanuts. and disksize is no 
matter today...


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