LFS 6 Boot CD - 2nd round

James Robertson jwrober at linuxfromscratch.org
Thu Sep 16 19:05:44 PDT 2004

Jeremy Huntwork wrote:

> Hey all,
> Thanks very much for your feedback and help testing! I think most of
> your suggestions and comments I was able to use :)

Hi Jeremy

Nice work!  Here my notes on the same test bix I used in the alpha sets. 
  This is based off of bootcd-6.0-20040915.iso


* Lynx surfs the net great.

* nALFS works perfect!  I even loaded my special hacked up profile from 
my local ftp server and it works sweet!

* irssi works great.

* mount.cifs gives an error "Unable to load NLS charset iso8859-1".  I 
would add every charset available in te kernel for smb support to help 
out samba.  Also, did you compile all the charsets that glibc can support?

* I posted another message to your first thread about moving net-setup 
to run when you enter rc3.d (probably last) and then if the person asks 
for dhcp, spit out what the dhcp server assigned to the machine. 
something like what an ifconfig would do (if we have net-tools).

* I confirm that there are no /dev/fd* devices for floppies.  I did a 
modprobe -a floppy and the cd loaded the floppy drive module and udev 
created the device on the fly (kewl).  Probably need to add this to the 
modules sysconfig file to be picked up by the modules script.

*  I can't get into X.  I run startx and the cd churns away, but the gui 
never loads.


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