LFS 6 Boot CD - 3rd and final round?

Jeremy Huntwork jhuntwork at linuxfromscratch.org
Mon Sep 20 13:03:09 PDT 2004

Hi Everyone,

Thank you very much, again, for all your suggestions and help testing.
I've put up a new iso, and I'm hoping that this will be the 'final'
version.  Not much changed in the way of packages, just trying to
eliminate a few bugs spotted on the last round of testing.

Here are the changes:

1) SMP built into the kernel, had been overlooked on previous releases

2) Drivers for rtc and floppy built into kernel, also previously

3) Driver for advansys SCSI built-in, was missed because kernel didn't
expect that driver to compile cleanly. Shane, you ready to test this?

4) Made a separate kernel for the speakup users

5) Added rp-pppoe and pppd, added an option for pppoe in the net-setup

6) Fixed the error messages on shutdown (removed symlinks in rc6.d)

7) Generated a clean copy of the LFS book, which fixed the CSS issues
Manuel reported.

8) Changed the nALFS profile to be the *exact* version as found in svn
in the testing-CD branch.

9) Added a note in the README about configuring your console

10) Built kernel with default NLS for smbfs - Unfortunately James, this
hasn't fixed the error messages.  If you can help me fix this one, I'd
appreciate it.  ATM, it doesn't seem to me to be a blocker bug, though,
because it mounts fine, and I am able to browse/use the mounted windows

11) Configured udev to generate a proper /dev/mouse symlink

12) Turned /opt (where firefox is installed) into a squashfs in addition
to /usr, which dropped the size of the iso a bit further.

I think that's most of it.

Alexander, I understand the request for the Cyrillic fonts, however, I
am still of the opinion that internationlization is a big undertaking
(once you do for one language, have to do for all).  I would rather see
one of two things happen in that regard:

1) We make 1 completely internationalized cd (remember the one I just
made is for inclusion in the printed book), I would need a tremendous
amount of help from international users, and time, to make this a

2) For the translators who are willing, I could assist them in making an
LFS cd in the language they speak.

Does the community have an opinion/preference on this?

Thanks again, everyone, for your help.

Jeremy Huntwork

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